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One of the oldest known cat breeds, the Abyssinian is mesmerizing with large eyes and large ears, a slender, sleek body and a smooth, golden brown coat.  They bear a striking resemblance to the cats you see in Egyptian paintings.

The first cat to be categorized as Abyssinian was named Zula, who came from Ethiopia.  Commonly mistaken as having originated from Abyssinia, the ancient name for Ethiopia, the origin of the Abyssinian is unknown.   Some believe this breed may have originated in Libya, Egypt, or North America.  

The Abyssinian’s coat is typically golden brown, but can also come in a few different colors, such as blue, fawn, chocolate, black, cinnamon, sorrel, sorrel silver, lavender and ruddy.  Abys shed very little and therefore require only an occasional grooming.

Possessing problem-solving abilities similar to those of humans, Abyssinians are known as one of, if not the most intelligent breed of cat.  You can easily teach them tricks and a variety of games, providing endless entertainment.  Abys are also highly active and athletic, jumping and climbing being two of their favorite pastimes.  

Although the Abyssinian likes to be on the move, they are people-oriented and will go out of their way to get your attention.   In fact, Abys will train their owners to cater to their every whim!  Although they aren’t lap cats, they do enjoy a quick snuggle of affection, and love to be involved in all you do.

Abyssinians are also good with other pets, including dogs, ferrets, large parrots and more.  For these reasons, Abys are excellent family pets and will make many wonderful memories with you and your family for years to come.