American Bobtail Cats For Sale


The American Bobtail is a beautiful, wild looking cat that closely resembles the bobcat of the wild, though there is no relation between the two.  The American Bobtail originated in the 1960’s after John and Brenda Sanders found a brown tabby with a bobbed tail on an Indian reservation in Arizona.  The Sanders named him Yodi and took him back home with them to Iowa, where he bred with their domestic cat, Mishi.  This produced a litter of short-tailed kittens.  Over time, some of these kittens were crossbred with a long-haired colourpoint, resulting in the American Bobtail as we know it today.

The American Bobtail is known for its loyalty and devotion.  Much like a dog, the American Bobtail will follow you everywhere and loves to play!   They are highly intelligent, easily trained, and can be taught a variety of games.  They are also very crafty and can find ways to escape many types of enclosures, such as closed doors, cages and carriers. 

The American Bobtail makes the perfect companion because they are highly in tune with human emotion.  Some are used as therapy animals due to the comfort and affection they provide.    Because the American Bobtail adapts very quickly to new surroundings, they make an ideal travel buddy.  The American Bobtail is an all-around perfect pet for any type of household.