Balinese Cats For Sale


The Balinese cat is a gorgeous, long-haired cat of Oriental origins, related to the Siamese and dating back to the 1920’s. Their color and point markings are very similar to those of the Siamese. These longhaired kitties come in two different variations; traditional, being more sturdy and robust in build with coats around two inches long, or contemporary- with a trim, fine-boned build and a much shorter coat, both lengths being very silky and soft. The Balinese accepted colors are chocolate, lilac, seal, and blue; when found in other colors, they are labeled as Javanese. These cats rarely mat, and require only moderate grooming. They are a very healthy breed, living to an average age of 18 to 21 years.

The Balinese are extroverted and can be demanding, but they are loyal, affectionate, and great with children and other pets.  Although softer-voiced than the Siamese, they are vocal, so be prepared for this kitty to talk back to you! These smart, playful, curious kitties make a personable addition to any home.