Bengal Cats For Sale


The Bengal cat is probably one of today’s most sought-after breeds, often referred to as the Rolls-Royce of kitties.

These one-of-a-kind cats have a completely unique look of their own.  They originated in 1963 from an Asian Leopard cat crossed with a domestic short-hair cat.  The resulting pattern is quite striking, with a spotted or marbled appearance, while the shorter coat enables the cat to keep itself well-groomed, requiring little help from their owners.  With round ears, large eyes, and intense facial markings, these cats are truly beautiful.  Their hind legs are longer than their front legs, which makes them very powerful, fast runners.  A fascinating inherited trait in the Bengals is their immunity to Feline Leukemia, and if taken care of properly, these cats are normally very healthy.  Another interesting characteristic about the Bengals is that their meow doesn’t sound like a meow at all; it sounds more like a light bark.  Fortunately, it’s quite cute, as they tend to be a vocal kitty.

These unique kitties are good pets, but are recommended more for experienced caregivers and people who have a lot of time and patience to devote to them.  The Bengal is very energetic and playful, including at night, and needs to be entertained.  They are great jumpers, climbers, and chewers, and can wreak havoc.  If you prefer a sedate atmosphere and delicate knick-knacks in your home, a more docile breed may be a better choice for you, but if you have the time to devote to them and are looking for a truly unique, high-energy cat, then the Bengal is a great choice.

The Bengal cat is a very inquisitive breed that are richly colored with distinctive marbling spots. The Bengal’s alluring charm and beauty have made them extremely popular.  The Bengals love to climb high and are naturally busy by nature.  They do enjoy being held on your lap, but also love to have fun chasing, playing, climbing, and investigating their surroundings.  A lot of Bengals love to play in water and will often even try to jump in the shower with you!  They are a lot of fun.