The Birman is a beautiful breed with magnificent features including a thick, plush coat and gentle, gorgeous blue eyes.  They have broad heads and strong, powerful bodies and their tails are full and bushy.  They come in a variety of different colors and patterns: seal, blue, cream, lilac, red, chocolate, pointed, tortie and tabby.

Birman need to be groomed regularly to keep their coat shiny and free of matting.   Once a week is usually sufficient.  They tend to shed more in the spring and in the fall.

The origin of the Birman is a mystery, but some believe they were imported over a century ago into France.   Their name is derived from the French term “Birmanie”, which translates to Burma.  In Burma, the Birman cat is considered sacred.   

The Birman is highly popular for their gentle and playful nature.  Birman talk to their owners by “chirping” and they will follow you from room to room, curiously observing all that you do.  They crave interaction and eat up whatever attention they can get.  Because they are so amiable, they need to be played with daily and do not enjoy being left alone.  It’s best to either have someone at home throughout the day or other pets around to keep them company.

Birman should be kept indoors, if possible.   Due to their amiable personality, they can easily make new people friends or animal friends and may wander off.      

The Birman is an ideal companion for families, singles with other pets, or even first time pet owners.  You truly won’t regret bringing one of this special breed into your home.