The Bombay breed is an exceptionally beautiful cat.  They resemble a small panther in looks with their long, sleek, muscular bodies and their widely-set, copper-penny colored eyes. They are a medium-size cat with short-haired shiny coats with the appearance of patent leather, and require almost no grooming as they shed very little.

The Bombay cat has been around since 1958.  A Burmese cat was bred with an American Shorthair to create this exquisite cat. They are closely related to the Burmese, but somewhat larger. They are generally very healthy cats, but are prone to overeating, so be careful not to overfeed them.

The Bombay cat makes for a great family pet. They are very inquisitive, extremely affectionate, and fun-loving.  They are relaxed and sweet-natured, love to cuddle and are great with kids, becoming very attached to their humans, although they are prone to adopting a favorite family member.  They socialize well with many other cat breeds, but do fine with dogs. They are somewhat talkative, with a very distinct voice, and have a loud purr.

Another unique characteristic of Bombay cat is that you can put them on a leash and walk them just the same as you would a dog; they even fetch, so if you like dogs, you would really enjoy a Bombay cat.