The Chartreux is a French breed, often referred to as “the blue cat of France”.   They are known for their blue/gray wooly coat, beautifully complimented by copper or golden colored eyes.

The Chartreux is a low maintenance breed, with little to no brushing needed.  A simple run-through of the fingers every day or two is sufficient.

This striking breed dates back to sixteenth century France.  It’s commonly believed the name “Chartreux” is derived from the Spanish wool “la pile des Chartreux” in relation to their wooly coat.  They weren’t imported into the U.S. until the 1970’s.

The Chartreux is a curious breed, happily observing as you go about your daily activities.  They understand boundaries and aren’t as likely to follow you around, as some other breeds are known to. They don’t mind solitude and are okay to be left alone so long as they have a few toys to keep them entertained.  They are also highly skilled hunters, therefore excellent mousers.

Although the Chartreux loves attention, they aren’t fans of being picked up.  They prefer to be petted and enjoy a nice belly rub from time to time.  It’s a good idea to have lots of places for the Chartreux to climb, as climbing is a favorite pastime, so cat trees are a must. 

The Chartreux does well in almost any home environment, whether it be a large family or a single person household, making them an ideal pet.