The Cornish Rex is a very elegant and exotic type of cat with a unique look.  This breed began in the 1950's as a result of a genetic mutation in Cornwall, England. The Cornish Rex is often called the greyhound of cats because of its appearance; their bodies are long and lean with an arched back, a small waist and long legs. They have beautiful oval-shaped eyes and bat-like ears.  These cats come in a variety of colors: black, chocolate, white, orange, and dilutes blue, lilac and cream. They are said to have one of the softest coats of any cat, because they have only a curly undercoat. 

Lacking a protective outer layer, these cats are only recommended as indoor cats and can die from hypothermia if left outside.

The Cornish Rex are known to have excellent hearing and are generally very healthy cats, living into their 20's.  They require light grooming, and regular bathing is recommended to care for their unique coat.

The Cornish Rex makes a great family pet, as they are adaptable to new environments, wonderful with children, and get along well with other animals. They are very sociable, energetic, intelligent and playful, and will sometimes play fetch with you.  Most remain playful for life, and can be quite  inventive in how they play.  If you’re looking for an indoor pet that will participate in family life, the Cornish Rex could be the perfect cat for your family.