Egyptian Mau Cats For Sale


The Egyptian Mau is a rare, beautiful cat domesticated by ancient Egyptians, featured prominently in their artwork.  This breed comes from a wild African cat descendent and is built like a cheetah with thin legs, the back legs being longer than the front.  These characteristics enable the Egyptian Mau to run extremely fast, up to 30 miles per hour.  They are medium-sized with medium-length, shiny coats in a spotted pattern, with banded legs and tail.. The Egyptian Mau is the only naturally spotted domestic cat, and comes in beautiful colors of silver, bronze, smoke, black and blue. Their coats are very unique in that the spots are only on the top hairs, as the underneath is a solid color. The Egyptian Mau have very large, expressive, vivid green eyes whose color becomes stronger as they mature, and mascara-like markings around the eyes, enhancing their unique looks.

The Egyptian Maus make great show cats and have very few health issues, living long lives, many past fifteen years. Their short hair makes grooming very easy, and they get along great with other animals. The Egyptian Mau are extremely loyal and make great family pets.  They are possessive of you and their own toys and will follow you around and cuddle with you. They are somewhat talkative when happy, and will often wag their tails with pleasure while treading or kneading. These beautiful, unique kitties make a nice addition to any home.