Exotic Shorthair Cat For Sale


The Exotic cat was originally created in the United States in the early 1960's by crossing Domestic Shorthairs with Persians, although some have since been out-crossed with Burmese, Russian Blues or Himalayans.  They are sometimes known as the Lazy Man's Persian because they have the look of a Persian, but the grooming requirements are significantly less than that for a full Persian cat.

The Exotic is a medium to large sized cat, with weights ranging from 7 to 14 lbs.  It has a stocky build with short, heavy legs, large round eyes and head, small snub nose and chubby cheeks, giving it an incredibly sweet expression.  Their coat is extremely thick and plush, but shorter and easier to care for in both the short- and long-haired versions of the Exotic breed.  The coat can be any color and/or pattern, and regular brushings, with some extra attention during shedding season, will keep the coat beautiful and mat-free.  The Exotics are generally healthy and long-lived, but are prone to some of the eye and sinus issues, such as excessive tearing of the eyes and sinusitis found in the Persian due to their flatter face. 

If you love the look of the Persian but don’t want the hassle of grooming your kitten every day then the exotic shorthair is the way to go! The exotic shorthair coat is extremely easy to care for, not to mention they are completely adorable!  The exotic shorthairs are also a bit more lively than the Persians, making them a funner kitten to have. This super easy, fun loving lap cat is a great family addition. The exotic shorthair can come in many patterns and colors such as silver, golden, solid, shaded, smoke, tabby, bicolor, and particolored.  Exotics have a placid, affectionate nature, but are more playful and inquisitive than Persians, and have a tendency to chew on whatever item they are interested in.  These attributes provide a nicely balanced personality, being quiet, calm kitties, but with a bit more liveliness.  They are very good with children and other animals, making them a wonderful choice for a family pet.