Himalayan Cats For Sale


The Himalayan is a very beautiful breed. In fact, the Himalayan is the most popular breed of kitten!  Himalayans are a category in the Persian breed. They originated from breeding a Siamese with a Persian, thus creating the pointed coat Himalayan breed.  Himalayans are often called smooshed face cats. These cats are known for their luxurious coats, as they are long-haired and soft and smooth.

The Himalayans can come in many colors such as chocolate, seal, lilac, blue, flame and cream. Their double coats are exquisite to look at, but do require daily grooming to avoid matting of the fur.  Also, because of their smooshed face, their eyes need to be wiped daily.  

The Himalayans are a wonderful breed to have in your home, and a great addition to your family.  They get along great with other animals and are wonderful with children.  They love to be close to their humans and enjoy snuggling.  They are truly a wonderful breed!   

The Himalayan breed has low legs, is massive across the shoulders and rump, and has a very sweet face. The Himalayans have a very thick, long coat that requires daily grooming and regular bathing.  The Himalayans are the most popular type in the Persian breed, not only because they are so beautiful, but also because they are loving and loyal.  These sweet-tempered kitties do best indoors, have a sweet and playful side, love to fetch, and are completely devoted to their humans.