Japanese Bobtail Cats For Sale


The Japanese Bobtail is a very unique breed.  These cats originated in Japan centuries ago, and have been considered both lucky and sacred in Japanese culture . They have been prominently featured in Japanese works of art, and were the inspiration for a Japanese designer’s creation of “Hello Kitty”.

The Japanese Bobtail gets its name from its short bobtail. This small, kinky or curly tail is unique to each kitty, which makes them even more distinctive. Some of these bobtails are solid or diluted colors, however; the most prized in Japan is the white coat with splashes of other colors, which is known as the “Van” coat pattern. Their heads are in the shape of a triangle, and the back legs have a distinct bend,and are longer than the front legs. These kitties tend to be very vocal, and some say it sounds as if they are singing.

These kitties are generally very healthy and have no genetically known defects. The longhaired bobtails do require weekly brushing but the shorthaired need very minimal grooming.

The Japanese Bobtail are intelligent, active cats that like to carry things in their mouths. They need play and attention to be content, like to play fetch, and absolutely love children and are very good with them.  They adjust well to dogs and are highly adaptable, making for a wonderful family pet.