Manx Cats For Sale


The Manx cat originated about three hundred years ago off the coast of Great Britain on the Isle of Man- which is known as Manx, giving this breed their name.  At first glance, you can usually tell a distinct difference between these cats and other breeds. There are four varieties of Manx cats; those with little or no tail are the result of a naturally-occurring mutation of the spine.  There is Rumpy, with no tail vertebrae at all; Riser- which has very little cartilage at the end of their spine, and Stumpy, for those with only a small stump for a tail.  There is also a Longey version with a normal-length tail.  Although many of these cats are without tails, they maintain great balance and jumping abilities.

The Manx back legs are very strong and longer than their front legs, resulting in a rabbit-like hopping gait.  The Manx have nice round features and are strong, sturdy cats that are typically quite healthy provided they aren’t born with a genetic disorder specific to the breed that becomes evident in early kitten-hood.  These kitty’s coats can be short or long, and come in a variety of colors.  Because the Manx have dense double coats, it’s important to brush them two or three times a week.  The Manx retain their playful kitten qualities for many years, and like to be part of family activities.  They do well with children when introduced as kittens, which makes them a fun family pet choice.