Minuet Cats For Sale



The Minuet is a playful, energetic, and affectionate cat.  A combination of the Munchkin cat and the ever popular Persian, the Minuet is most easily recognized for their short legs, rounded heads and rounded eyes.  They have a medium build and average between 7-9lbs. fully grown.  Don’t let their short stature fool you though; these cats are fast on their feet and love climbing and exploring.

The Minuet, also known as the Napolean, is a newer breed which first came about when a breeder named Joe Smith of the Blueline Cattery, bred one of his Persians with a Munchkin cat in 1998.  This resulted in a litter of mostly short legged kittens with plush coats, rounded heads and eyes, and strong bodies. 

The Minuet is very active and incredibly curious, which can sometimes get them into mischief.  You can’t help but to forgive their curious nature once they jump into your lap and curl into you, drinking up all the love and affection they can get.  The Minuet also loves to play games and will spend hours playing with cat toys and climbing cat trees.

The Minuet is very friendly and gets along well with adults, children and other pets.  Young children need to be taught how to properly handle a Minuet, as they don’t take kindly to being used as a play toy. 

The Minuet is loyal and becomes easily attached to their people, following them around the house to be near them.  They make excellent family pets if what you are wanting is endless entertainment and lots of affection for years to come.