The Munchkin cats are as cute as their name.  They were named after the munchkins from the movie, The Wizard of Oz.  These adorable little cats have very short legs that are a result of a naturally-occurring gene mutation.  The first one recovered for breeding purposes was born in Louisiana in 1983, but there have been references to these short-legged cats throughout history.

These adorable little cats come in three different sizes; standard, super short, and rug hugger.  They grow to medium size and come in two different coat lengths, with either plush, short coats or silky long coats in a variety of colors and patterns.  They are generally a healthy, hardy breed with few issues as long as they are not improperly bred, which can create deformities.  Grooming requirements are minimal: the shorthaired munchkin only needs to be brushed once a week; the longhaired munchkin requires brushing twice a week.

The Munchkin breed is just too cute for words.  With their short little legs they are absolutely darling.  They tend to be very affectionate, sociable, and even act a little clownish!  They love to run and jump, so don’t let their little legs fool you!  The Munchkin comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns, and is super cute and fluffy.  The Munchkin breed like to run around at high speeds; they are quite energetic!  Well suited for any indoor home, and even get along great with the family dog.

The Munchkin breed is very outgoing and energetic. They often sit up on their hind legs like a rabbit, and their short stature does not keep them from anywhere they want to go.  Munchkins maintain their kitten personality throughout their lives, endearing them to folks who enjoy the playful kitten stage. These kitties are unquestionably great with kids and other animals, so the Munchkin will make a great addition to your home.