Norwegian Forest Cats For Sale


The Norwegian Forest Cat is a large, sturdy, natural breed with a style all its own. This is a very old breed and until 1977 was considered a house-cat. These cats originated in Norway and are known as the skogkatt, which means forest cat.

When the Norwegian Forest Cat made its way to the United States they gave it the nickname Wegie, short for Norwegian. These muscular, robust cats grow to be very large; males ranging from thirteen to twenty-two pounds, and the females a little smaller. These kitties have thick fur with a double-layer coat that is very silky to the touch. They have beautiful, full manes, bushy tails, and their nearly-waterproof coats come in most colors and patterns.  They have thick legs and tufts in the ears and between the toes.

The Norwegian Forest Cats have loveable, sweet faces with large, beautiful eyes in a variety of colors. They require very little grooming and are extremely intelligent. They are an easy-going, playful cat that loves to be pet and handled, and prefer not to be left alone inside for long periods.  They also require access to the outdoors as they are great hunters with a farm-life history.  If you’re an active family with lots of love to give, then a Norwegian Forest Cat will be a great addition to your home.