Ocicat Cats For Sale


The Ocicat is an absolutely beautiful breed. The Ocicat is the only domesticated feline bred to resemble a wildcat, and has a marked resemblance to the Ocelot, an endangered species. The breed originated by breeding a Siamese and Abyssinian, and the American Shorthair was introduced later to achieve a more muscular body and to widen the gene pool. 

These beautiful cats have spotted coats that come in a variety of colors; chocolate, tawny, cinnamon, lavender, blue, fawn, and up to six different shades of silver, plus brown tabby.  The Ocicat are very strong, solid, athletically-built cats.  They are generally healthy, with occasional teeth and gum issues, but this can be avoided by brushing their teeth.  Another nice quality about the Ocicat is that they rarely shed and need only an occasional brushing.  Ocicats are sociable, intelligent and easily trained.  They are also curious and playful, often performing humorous antics for your entertainment.  They love attention and will curl up in your lap after play-time, but they are not demanding, although they don’t like to be left alone for long periods.  They like being a part of the family, and will get along well with other cats or dogs in the house.  These kitties are great with kids and make wonderful, amusing family pets.