The Peterbald is a fairly new breed of Russian Origin that was created in 1994.  A Don Hairless and an Oriental tortie were bred together to make this new breed of cat.  The Peterbald has an elegant look all its own.  It is of Oriental type with a slim, muscular build and a narrow, long head.  They are very unique in that they have a hair-losing gene and can be born bald, flocked, velour, brush, or straight coat, and even if these kitties are born with hair they can still lose it over time.  The skin is very soft, like suede.  They have a long, straight profile with beautifully-shaped almond eyes, a wedge-shaped muzzle, and big, set-apart ears.  They are lean and sturdy, with fine-boned legs and long whippy tails.  Their oval paws with long agile toes enable them to open items of interest to them.

The Peterbald is a very strong and healthy cat.  These kitties don’t require much grooming as they do not shed.  The Peterbalds are slightly vocal, affectionate, sweet, intelligent, and energetic.  They are outgoing and will make friends with visitors to your home.  Peterbalds are great with kids and great with other animals, and they make wonderful companions.