Pixie Bob Cats For Sale


The Pixie-Bob breed is a fairly new breed, created in 1986.  Legend has it they were developed from breeding a cat that resulted from a natural mating between a Bobcat and a housecat, but DNA testing failed to show Bobcat genes, and they are considered to be a wholly domesticated breed.

The Pixie-Bobs do exhibit the exotic physical traits of a wild Bobcat, with bobbed tails, spotted coats, lynx ear-tufts, and extra toes being common as well. The triangle-shaped eyes change color; they are born with blue, changing to green and eventually becoming gold, or gold with a green tint.  Most are born with natural bobtails, and the heavily-marked coat can be short and wooly, or longer and silky in texture.  Pixie-Bob coats come in shades of brown or russet, with silver to black ticking, and spotted, rosette, or broken-band patterns. They grow slowly, for up to 4 years of age, and the males can weigh up to 18 pounds, with the females smaller, about fourteen pounds. They are generally healthy, with rare instances of genetic disorders originating from the breeds they are out-crossed with.

These, large, intelligent cats are said to understand some human words and phrases, and to exhibit a dog-like devotion to their humans. They can be trained to fetch or walk on a leash, love to play with other animals, and are excellent with children, making for a big, lovable, loyal and entertaining addition to the family.