Ragamuffin Cats For Sale


The Ragamuffin Cat is a fairly new breed, which made its appearance in 1994.  These striking cats are too big and beautiful to pass by when you see one, you simply have to see them up close and stroke their long, silky, gorgeous coat.

Ragamuffins are large, heavy-boned cats with broad heads and short necks, and a round face with large, expressive eyes.  Ragamuffins eyes can be any color and can sometimes have two different colored eyes. Their semi-long fur is very thick and plush, and comes in many different colors and patterns.  The nice thing about the Ragamuffin coat is that is does not readily matt or clump, which makes grooming this kitty very easy. They are slow to mature, taking about four years, but are long-lived and have no genetic problems associated with them, however; they must be kept indoors, as their docile, social nature precludes the necessary defense mechanisms to keep them safe outside.

A Ragamuffin is one of the sweetest of cats, has a very friendly personality, and is good with children and other pets.  They are very sociable, playful, and intelligent.  They love to climb and will sometimes even fetch toys.  Ragamuffins make gentle, perfect lap cats with soft paws, rarely extending their claws. This kitty will follow you around, cuddle in your lap, and adore you all its days; truly the perfect pet.