Ragdoll Cats For Sale


If you’re looking for an absolutely exquisite kitty, then the Ragdoll is just the one for you.  These cats are absolutely beautiful and are known for their large size; among the largest of cat breeds, with males weighing as much as 35 lbs., although the average range is 16 to 20lbs., with the females smaller at 10 to 14 lbs.  With a wide chest and big hindquarters, these big-boned kitties are very muscular and strong with a sturdy appearance.  Ragdolls were first created in 1963 when a breeder combined a white Angora with a Birman, which have Siamese color points, then Persians, thus creating the Ragdoll breed.

The name Ragdoll comes from their tendency to go limp when picked up, like the child’s toy of the same name. When looking into the face of a Ragdoll, it’s hard not to fall in love; they have large, oval blue eyes and the sweetest facial expression.  Their coats are semi-long, soft and silky, and easy to care for, with a weekly brushing being sufficient.  They are considered one of the hardiest of the purebreds, although some lines do carry a propensity for heart disease.  These kitties are very easygoing and affectionate; often referred to as puppy-cats because they follow you around, relax when you hold them, and are loveable and cuddly.  These calm kitties are great with kids and love to be around other animals, so if you are looking for a great family pet, then a Ragdoll is a perfect choice for you. 

Ragdolls are the most people oriented and social of all the cat breeds.  Their intense desire to have companionship makes them fantastic lap cats and also great companions for children and other pets.  Their medium long coat is gorgeous and plush and bunny soft to the touch, but is extremely low shedding and requires hardly any grooming.  These cats are also considered hypoallergenic, so most people with mild to moderate cat allergies will not have symptoms to a Ragdoll cat.  The Ragdoll breed is so exceptional that it is truly hard to find a better breed, if you are looking for a wonderful companion. These beautiful cats don’t have a mean bone in their body, and will even allow little children to carry them around all day long.  The most important thing to a ragdoll is their humans.  They are completely loyal and feel the need to be near their humans all the time.  A ragdoll loves to be in your lap, sitting next to you, sleeping in your bed, and will even follow you from room to room.  If you are looking for a kitten to love you as much as you love them, a ragdoll is the perfect choice for you.

Most white cats with blue eyes are deaf, however all traditional Ragdolls are born white and have blue eyes and are also available in solid white with blue eyes and this issue with deafness does not exist in this wonderful breed.