Scotish Fold Cats For Sale


When you first spot a Scottish Fold you will instantly notice their unique looks.  This kitty bears a striking resemblance to an owl.  The Scottish Fold was first discovered in 1961 when a person found a white Scottish barn cat with folded ears.

The Scottish Fold is known for their trademark pose - the Buddha position.  They are easily recognized for their unique ears which come in three different degrees; single, double, and the coveted triple folded.  Some Scottish Folds ears are born straight and then fold after three weeks of age.  They have beautiful large round eyes and cute chubby cheeks, giving them an exceptionally sweet look.  Some of these cats are shorthaired and some are longhaired, and these kitties come in every color combination except for pointed.  The coat requires only a weekly grooming.  The Scottish Fold is generally very healthy and usually lives up to eighteen years of age.  The Scottish Fold enjoy the indoors, but are skilled hunters.

They are intelligent, love to play and are very sociable and friendly.  They absolutely love human companionship, forming a deep bond with their owners, and do well with other animals. This adaptable, affectionate, gentle cat is the ideal pet, and a great addition to any family.