Selkirk Rex Cats For Sale


The Selkirk Rex is a curly-coated cat, and one of the newest of cat breeds.  This breed is the result of a curly kitten born in 1987 in Montana, crossed with a Persian and thus creating the unique-looking Selkirk Rex.

The Selkirk Rex’s hair is extremely curly, likened to a poodle coat, and even their whiskers are curly!  A Selkirk Rex can be any color, and comes shorthaired as well as longhaired.  They have a square, muscular body, with a round head and round eyes, usually gold in color, but sometimes blue. Because of their tri-layered coat, frequent grooming and bathing is required to keep up their beautiful appearance, but too much brushing can straighten the coat, and the whiskers are fragile.  The Selkirk Rex is generally healthy and tends to live a long life.  These kitties are great as pets because they are fine on their own, but love affection and are extremely patient, even tolerant of childrens’ dress-up games. The Selkirk Rex also gets along very well with other animals, therefore making them a great choice for any family pet.