Siamese Cats For Sale


The Siamese is a very popular and lovely breed of cat, and the oldest domesticated feline known.  In Siam, this cat was considered sacred and once only royalty was allowed to have a Siamese in their household.  This elegant cat comes in both Traditional and Modern types: the Modern type is more commonly seen, with a rounder head and larger body.  The Traditional type has long, sleek, more extreme lines to both body and head, but both have blue, almond eyes, and a short, silky coat.  The Siamese is born all white, with its color points coming in over the next few weeks, and continuing to darken as they mature.  Their color points occur in the colors of seal, chocolate, blue, and lilac.  These kitties are known for being extremely vocal; the Siamese will make sure to let you know where they are and when they want something.  With their short hair, grooming is very easy with the Siamese, and they normally live long healthy lives with an average life span of between 14 to 20 years.

The Siamese are highly intelligent, inquisitive, playful, and have a loving nature, making them remarkable family pets. Their coats are very silky and smooth. The Siamese are extremely intelligent, very loving, and very inquisitive kitties.  They enjoy being in your lap, and often like to sleep with you at night. The Siamese are very athletic, curious and affectionate animals. This is why Siamese Kittens are very popular and loved by so many people!

Siamese Cats and Kittens are very affectionate with their family and crave lots of love, attention, and play time.

Siamese tend to prefer interaction with adults and most shy away from the loud and boisterous activities of children.  Siamese are not aggressive with other pets but do not usually bond with the family dog or other cats unless they are raised together from kittens.  Siamese are not a mellow breed and are considered more hyperactive and aggressive than most other cat breeds.   This breed is very vocal and will constantly talk to you and about everything going on.  Siamese are an easy cat to have because they require very little grooming and are very intelligent and easy to train.