Showshoe Cats For Sale


If you’re a fan of Siamese cats, you should really consider a Snowshoe.  This breed of cat originated from combining white-booted Siamese cats with American Shorthair cats.  The combination makes for a very rare and exquisite breed.

The Snowshoe has many personality traits similar to the Siamese, but with additional, unique qualities.  The Snowshoe Cat is a very rare breed of cat; so rare in fact, that only 388 have actually been registered with The International Cat Association.  The reason for their rarity is because they have recessive genes, making it very difficult to replicate precise coat markings.

Snowshoes are very loveable cats that crave attention and love to play, and children adore them.  They are inquisitive, intelligent, incredibly sweet and affectionate.  While not as vocal as a Siamese, these cats are also talkers which make them even more amusing pets for your children.  

The Snowshoes are absolutely beautiful, with striking markings completely unique to their breed.  They have a pointed coat color, in either seal or blue, with an inverted mask on their faces, stunning bright-blue eyes, and the white marking on their feet they are named for. They are medium sized, with a long but stocky body type.

The advantages to adding a Snowshoe to your family don’t stop here.  Not only are they rare, beautiful, affectionate, and playful, but they are also generally healthy pets.  They tend to live a very long life, and require little maintenance, for they are very meticulous about keeping themselves clean, and they rarely shed.
If you’re looking for the perfect cat for you and your family, you can’t go wrong with a Snowshoe.  This beautiful, uncommon breed would be an asset to any home.  Not only will you love them but this cat will love you back equally.