Somali Cats For Sale


The Somali breed started in the 1950's when an Abyssinian litter was born with long coats due to a recessive gene.  Somali cats are absolutely striking, resembling a fox with their bushy tails and breeches, and unusual markings.  The Somali have many unique characteristics.  They come in colors of red, ruddy (orange-brown), blue, and fawn, but each hair on the Somalis body has several different colors on it, making the Somali even more unusual.  The Somali has tabby markings on their faces but nowhere else, with large ears and curious green or amber eyes.  They have a beautiful, silky-textured, longer coat that requires moderate grooming; they need to be brushed 2-3 times a week.  The Somali cats are about medium size when full-grown, and are considered to be remarkably healthy cats with few associated issues, although they are sometimes prone to gingivitis and a few bloodlines may be prone to a type of anemia.

The Somali cat is very lively and playful, so they are not recommended for the frail or elderly, but perfect for a family pet. These curious, expressive kitties possess a playful sense of humor, and can even hold objects with their paws! The Somali is a very faithful, loving pet that requires human companionship and is good with children.  So if you’re looking for a good pet to love then the Somali is a great choice to make part of your family.