Sphynx Cats For Sale


Looking for a cat with character that is completely unique?  Then look no further.  The Sphynx breed is truly one-of-a-kind.  Originating in Canada, this rare breed is fairly new.  Sphynx were developed in 1966 and look completely different from the usual cat. The Sphynx has a hairless gene that makes them look bald.  On the contrary, they have warm peach fuzz all over their bodies and come in a variety of pigment colors.  These energetic felines are quite the playful bunch.  They absolutely love getting attention and love to play.  They make for a great family pet and get along fairly well with other animals.  They are very patient with children, and kids enjoy these cats because they love to snuggle, are full of mischief and love to play games. These inquisitive kitties make a great asset to the family.

Not only are these cats bodies different because they are hairless, but they also have a distinctive face, with their slanted eyes and large ears.  They have thick, padded, oval paws with long toes.  Sphynx are generally very healthy cats who tend to live for fifteen to twenty years. They have a high metabolism which makes these kitties want to eat every time you put food in front of them.  Their litters usually consist of one to three kittens.  These kitties truly are exceptional and would be a great addition to any family.  Both you and your children will love these cuddly creatures and have tons of fun with them for many years. A rare breed with its own style and personality make the Sphynx a great pet.