Tonkinese Cats For Sale


A Tonkinese cat is a pure joy to own, appreciated for its charming, sociable personality. The Tonkinese is a cross between the Siamese and Burmese, bred to combine the best traits of both of these elegant breeds of cat.

The Tonkinese Cats are trim, muscular and medium-sized, ranging from 6 to 12 lbs., with a wedge-shaped head and long tail.  These exquisite-looking cats have eye colors ranging from bright blue, to aqua, to sparkling gold-green.  The coat is medium short, fine and silky, and needs an occasional grooming to remove dead hair.  Tonkinese is a healthy, long-living breed that is less high-strung and demanding than the Siamese, with softer voices.  They love to play games such as hide and seek, fetch, dress-up with your children, and are even known for having quite a sense of humor.  They do require a lot of activity and interaction, and tend to get into trouble if left alone too much; a second cat may benefit them.  The intelligent, affectionate Tonkinese is hard to beat; a fabulous family pet, and an ideal play companion for young children.