Turkish Van Cats For Sale


Looking for a large-bodied cat that is highly intelligent and playful?  The Turkish Van is this and more. With the Turkish Van’s white fluffy fur and colorful ears, it is not only intelligent, but also a beautiful cat.  These kitties are very active, agile, and very vocal.  While enjoying playing with you, they are also very independent.  Because of this, they don’t like to cuddle for long periods of time.

This rare breed originated in Turkey and has been around since 1982.  This breed of cat has a silky outer coat and no undercoat.  They do require a moderate amount of grooming because their fur can get easily tangled if it is not taken care of.

The Turkish Vans have muscular bodies with broad shoulders and chests.  What’s really unusual about these cats is that they actually like water and some even love to swim!

The Turkish Van’s eyes are either blue or amber, and sometimes they will have one of each color.  They are assertive, agile kittens who are known for being very healthy, with no genetic propensity for illness.  Although they are playful and energetic, they are not great pets for little children.  They are, however, excellent pets for older kids and adults.  The Turkish are the oldest known domesticated cats on the planet and are a great pet to have.